12 December, 2013: Today, the modern world may have reached the apex in the field of science and technology but couples and women are still pressed with the issue of infertility. For the others who are lucky enough to conceive, awareness should be a constant companion for pregnancy complications are not far. At 31 weeks, the baby bump is starting to show as the baby gains weight, getting ready to enter the world. This is the stage when the baby gains half the size he or she will be at birth. 

Most of the problems associated with pregnancy will start to surface at this stage and it will continue until the birth. Till now, being pregnant was such a delight and mothers do not experience all the woos they have been hearing from others. As the round ligament pain decreases, it will make way for back pain, which will continue until birth as the weight of the baby increases. Trying to relax and rest as much as possible is the only remedy. Before reaching the 31th week, it is good to shop for bigger lingerie and clothes, as the mother will gain weight. The breasts become bigger in preparation for lactation. Most women will experience leakage of a yellow, sticky liquid, which are colostrums. There is no reason to run to the gynecologist because this is normal. 

As the weight of the baby increases at this stage, mothers will begin leaking urine at the slightest pressure on the bladder like sneezing, laughing or even coughing. This is completely normal and it is recommended to use panty liners in advance before learning the truth the hard way. By this stage almost all the organs of the baby are fully developed. The ears are fully developed and the baby is able to hear everything inside and outside the womb. It helps to live in a peaceful environment and listen to soothing music. For more information please go to http://31wekenzwanger.nl/ 


31wekenzwanger is the website that is entirely dedicated to increasing pregnancy awareness among expecting mothers and couples. From educational information to personal tips from real mothers who have been there, this website is here to help expecting women who do not have family or friends to extend support through this delicate stage. It is not just an information based website but also connects expecting mothers across the globe.