As per the recent reports, it has been said that the state of Virginia has recently indicated an increase in cases of drunk driving. In an attempt to combat accidents caused by such cases, leading companies have launched web sites to provide necessary legal information. Many people today are reportedly facing drunken driving charges, most of whom are no more only high school kids.

Due to the astounding number of deaths and damages to property, public as well as private, the state of Virginia has taken stringent measures over the past couple of years to deal with this problem effectively. The Virginia court of law has also recently announced a series of new set of rules to be added to the existing rules in order to be able to reduce the occurrence of traffic crimes like that of DUI. Today, one can safely state that dui law Virginia is one of the most stringent DUI laws in the entire country of America without running the risk of being an overstatement.

Recently, a leading web site called wolfwebgroup has been in the news frequently due to its continued attempts to help individuals involved in DUI cases in Virginia. Individuals ought to be informed of the fact that there are various categories under which a DUI case charge will fall into. As per the guidelines of the Virginia State code, it has become important for the case proceedings to proceed within the rules of the category of charge assigned to them. This is applies to both the defendant as well as the victim.

Even with all the accidents, most of the people are sadly not aware of the harsh punishments that come with a DUI crime. It is treated as a class 1 offence and hence comes with several consequences in the court of law.  For more information please go to

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