28, May 2015: A poll conducted by travel insurance experts has revealed that the top holiday concern for tourists is bad weather affecting or cancelling their plans. The poll was taken regarding travelling from June to September and quizzed travellers on their top reasons for purchasing insurance. Travel insurance company Insuremore offer reassurance for these concerns.

A poll conducted by travel insurance experts has revealed that the top holiday concern for tourists is bad weather affecting their plans or even resulting in the trip having to be cancelled. The poll taken mainly focused on summer travel, between June and September, and quizzed travellers on their primary reasons for purchasing travel insurance. Renowned travel insurance company Insuremore say they are happy to be able to offer reassurance for all the noted concerns.

Comprehensive Cover

“Purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance policy as soon as they book a holiday will cover travellers for various circumstances that may result in them cancelling or being unable to travel,” a representative from Insuremore said. “Our primary aim to provide policies that put our customers’ minds at ease – especially when it comes to matters that are out of their control, such as the weather.”

The main advice that industry experts have to offer across the board is that holidaymakers arrange their travel insurance as early into the booking process as possible. This ensures any unforeseen events, including bad weather, are covered – such as the example a representative from Insuremore gave of a holiday being cancelled due to a hurricane. Once the warnings of a hurricane are issued it becomes a foreseeable event, which is then unable to be covered if holidaymakers don’t already have travel insurance in place.

Insurance industry experts also advise that travellers do their own research into the area to which they are travelling in order to gauge if weather conditions such as hurricanes or storms are likely to be an issue. If so, they should ensure they put an appropriate policy in place as soon as they have booked their holiday.

Other reasons that prompt travellers to purchase of travel insurance that ranked high in the poll were concerns over coverage for vacation rental properties and health issues affecting travel plans. A spokesperson from the insurance travel industry stressed the need for travellers to purchase a comprehensive policy, as it would cover all of these concerns as well as baggage protection, trip cancellation and emergency travel services.

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