Findlay Retirement Finance Professional, Wayne Peck, Has Identified Potential Retirement Portfolio Impacts From President-elect Donald Trump’s Policies.

Wayne Peck, founder of local financial services firm, Successful Solutions, has analyzed the policy positions of President-elect Donald Trump and concludes there may be significant effects.  In short, Mr. Peck believes a Trump administration will be considered “pro-business”.

Mr. Peck commented: “Donald Trump has explicitly stated he wants to repeal and replace Obamacare.  He has been very clear that he wants less governmental regulation.  Additionally, he wants lower taxes including lower corporate taxes.  Clearly some sectors stand to benefit significantly from Trump’s goals.”

Wayne Peck’s advice is that folks should first take some time to educated themselves on the policy aims of the upcoming new administration.   Then, investors should consult with their licensed financial advisors to see if their portfolios should be adjusted.

Mr. Peck is offering his professional services to qualified members of the community that wish to review their current investment mix.   His credentials include the highly-respected Retirement Income Certified Professional® (RICP®) designation.

About the RICP® designation: (source:
“The American College of Financial Services created the Retirement Income Certified Professional® designation, taking the lead on educating the next generation of retirement income planning experts. Retirement income planning places the focus on transitioning from asset accumulation to creating a sustainable livelihood for clients in retirement. Advisors without this knowledge — or those who have a single-product solution or limited approach — will rapidly fall behind.”

More About Mr. Peck and His Firm
Mr. Wayne Peck is a Chartered Financial Consultant â„¢ (ChFC), CLU, CASL RICP® and founder of Successful Solutions.
As quoted on the Successful Solutions website at;

“Successful Solutions exists to provide individuals and businesses personalized plans to manage financial risk by providing access to various insurance products, investment vehicles and services tailored to meet the specific and ever-changing needs of our customers.”

“Wayne enjoys working with the people in North West Ohio and looks forward to helping individuals meet their long-term financial goals. Prior to his work in financial service, Wayne worked in agriculture. Wayne and his wife Linda, who reside in Findlay, Ohio, have two grown sons. You can reach Wayne directly at [email protected] or by calling 419-423-8311 Monday - Friday, 9 am-5 pm.”

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