Human bodies are covered with hairs that have different life cycles. Some hairs appear to be so dark and rough, whereas some are very light and doesn’t get caught in human eyes. The main objective of hair is to protect our skin from harmful external factors yet we don’t like them on our skin as it makes our skin look course and dirty. There are many ways to remove hairs from body and waxing is one of the most common ways. Hot wax is applied on the body surface and is pulled out with a strip of cloth to remove unwanted body hair.

If you are looking for permanent hair removal treatment then waxing may not be your answer because it removes hairs only temporarily. For a permanent solution, laser is the best treatment but it is very expensive. If you want something of cost-effective nature then waxing is the best alternative. Once hair is pulled out, new hair won’t grow back for at least two to eight weeks, subject to your hair growth and its cycles. Waxing can be done on any body part but for each body part different types of waxing are done. On a positive note, when waxing is done for a substantial amount of years then permanent hair removal can be possible, at times.

Some of the most common kinds of waxing are:

Eyebrow Wax

Bikini Wax

Male Genital Wax

Hollywood / Brazilian / French Wax

Leg Wax

Arm / Underarm Wax

Abdomen Wax

Back Wax

Foot Wax

Chest Wax

Entire Body Wax

Body parts where waxing should never be done are:





Palms of the hands

Soles of the feet

Waxing is done by applying a hot wax solution over the skin. After that, a cloth or a strip of paper is pressed on top of the solution and pulled in the direction opposite of the hair growth. This will remove wax solution along with the hairs. Another method involves hard wax, where hard wax is applied on the skin and no cloth or paper is used to pull it out. Time is allowed to let it cool over the skin and once it cools, it is then removed by an expert. This waxing method is mainly used by those who have sensitive skin and don’t want to feel any pain or irritation.

There are various advantages of waxing and one such advantage is that it can remove a huge chunk of hair at one time. Also, this method is long-lasting and needs at least two to eight weeks for hair grow back. The best thing is that over a period of time, the hair growth reduced drastically and is often stopped even. However, patients suffering from diabetes and users of Retin-A, Renova or Diferin should stay away from waxing due to health concerns.

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