United Kingdom, June 18, 2014: Looking the way one desires to look is the birth right of everyone. Cosmetology has advanced significantly with regular innovations and inventions through the years. The popularisation of glamour industry has gradually instilled the desire in everyone to look desirable. Waxing is one of the methods that are extensively used in beauty industry for the removal of undesired hair from any part of the body. It is a highly technical work and can cause side-effect if not carried out properly. Wax Inc. is a professional cosmetology centre that specialises in waxing Sheffield. It was started by Kim Lawless and has been delivering satisfactory services for more than a decade in the country.

The speciality of Wax Inc., among all, is the gentleness in the service and affordability of charges. It guarantees that no other waxing provider in the country offers gentler wax treatment, which is normally perceived by people as extremely painful. Wax Inc. has developed its own unique technique so that its customers receive the gentlest waxing and leave with an appreciable experience. The wax specialists provide all types of waxing for both men and women.

The upper body waxing for women includes lips, chin, face, underarms and forearms while that for men includes nostrils, ears, back, chest and stomach. Eyebrows and arms are common to both men and women. The wax treatment for lower body of men and women encompasses legs, feet and pubic areas, if demanded. However, the notable range of waxing services is categorised as intimate waxing for men as well as women. There are various female intimate waxing services such as Basic Instinct, Brazilian, G String, High Leg Bikini, Hollywood, Ibiza and Malla. Ironically, there are more numbers of male intimate waxing services, which include Aussie, Bermuda Triangle, Boyzillian, Ibiza, Kiwi, Londoner, Mexican, Miami, New Yorker, Speedo and Sunga.

The different waxing packages encompass different parts of the body. The Brazillian wax Sheffield for ladies includes butt crack, inner/outer labia and landing strip left on the pubic mound. Hollywood wax Sheffield is for the full body including all pubic hair, inner/outer labia and butt crack. Buttocks are included in both Brazilian and Hollywood if needed. The Bikini wax Sheffield is the most affordable at £16 and encompasses the top of pubic line and underneath it. Other services are relatively more affordable too. The eyelash extension with semi permanent lashes Sheffield is fine example of affordability. The full set of small, medium and large lashes costs £50 while biweekly or tri-weekly maintenance service is offered at £25.

About Wax Inc.:

Website: http://www.wax-inc.co.uk/

Wax Inc. is a specialty waxing centre at Church Street in Sheffield. It is run by the Wax Queen Kim Lawless and uses only Perron Rigot range of wax. Additionally, semi-permanent lashes, spray tans, pedicure, manicure, gel and acrylic nails and HD brows are also done at Wax Inc.