There are few things in the home we take more for granted than the hot water heater. Once it goes out, you know it almost immediately.

“A hot water heater is one item in the home that is either working or it is not. A refrigerator or freezer will continue to keep things cold until it can be repaired. This is not the case with a hot water heater,” said John Bennet of San Diego Water Heater Repair Pros.

A water heater combines two things in a home that can be very dangerous. Water hot enough to burn skin and electricity. Both of which do not mix well under even the best of circumstances.

“If your water heater is out, do not try and make repairs on your own. Serious damage to your home or your body can occur. Contact us; we are professionals with years of experience and insurance in case of an accident,” Bennet continued.

In addition to water heater repair and installation, San Diego Water Heater Repair Pros offer tankless water heaters in the San Diego area . These tankless heaters or on-demand water heaters supply a home with a continuous stream of hot water.

“The tankless system is great for new home construction and for large families. Having instant and non-stop hot water is something many homeowners are most appreciative of installing in their home. Call us to see how a tankless system can help your hot water situation,” Bennet continued.

Included in the water heater repair and replacement services is the removal and disposal of the old hot water heater.

“Those old tanks, particularly in older homes are heavy and unsightly. We will gladly remove them from your home as part of our services to you,” Bennet added.

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