ORLANDO — If you think water aerobics is just for pregnant women and the elderly — you couldn’t be more wrong. Water aerobics is a great way to get fit for summer, and the great thing, is that you can adjust the exercise to your body type. These type of workouts can be quite intense, giving people significant cardiovascular and strength training benefits.

According to recent research at the University of Akron, water aerobics, dubbed waterobics, is a hot new way to stay fit. It’s an easy, creative way to get your body in motion without having to sweat a single drop. Research shows that for people who weight between 100 and 200 pounds, they can burn an average of 250 to 520 calories in a half-hour of swimming.


A recent study at the Universidade Federal de São Paulo claims that women who participated water exercise will experience fewer falls in life. The research shows that the use of vitamin D3 and calcium supplements, combined with a high-intensity aquatic workout, most women were able to combat osteoporosis. The workouts were designed to help women build strength and increase resistance.

“Half the women were also assigned to an aquatic exercise program, which Moreira’s group created to combat osteoporosis by preventing falls, and named HydrOS,” Stokes said in the report, also published on Red Orbit magazine. In place of the high-repetition, low-impact aquatic aerobic plans more commonly used, the HydrOS interval-training plan “included bursts of intense activity between 10 to 30 seconds at up to 90 percent of maximum heart rate,” he added.

The study also had women training with resistance weights on land. Women who did the specialty exercises on land suffered 44 percent less falls. Yet, women who did the specialty water exercises saw nearly twice as good of results, with an 86 percent drop in falls.


Water aerobics should be done in chest-deep water. For more itself workouts, opt for deep-water aerobics, where you are unable to touch the bottom floor with your feet. In these classes, you wear floatation devices and paddles; or you may use kickboards and buoys for extra resistance.


Water aerobics will also increase your muscle strength and increase your long-term flexibility.

Water buoyancy reduces the weight of a person by 90 percent, according to the American Council on Exercise.

“This reduces the burden on stress-bearing joints and muscles, according to an article on Yahoo Sports. “For this reason, water aerobics will less likely cause injury and muscle soreness. If you are having difficulty performing certain body movements on land, you may find relief when performing them underwater. That is why water aerobics is excellent for those with arthritic joints or those recovering from painful injuries.”

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