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Angana then goes to her room and locks it. She is in two minds about the pregnancy. Crying, she falls asleep. Soumya comes and finds the door locked. Angana suddenly wakes up and realising what she had done, unlocks the door. She finds Soumya dozing off in one corner. He wakes up and asks her if she is alright. Angana goes back to her bed, avoiding him. Soumya knows that she has been crying. 



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Hanuman brings Mamta to the fair. She is happy to be out of the house. Narad meets Rahu and tells him that what he is doing is against the laws and he will be punished by Hanuman.



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Amar has got 2 laborers from the village to cut the banyan tree when one villager feels the presence of a ghost and runs away from there. Later at night, Surbhi gets up hearing the dogs cry. Outside her house, the two villagers who are guarding her place see a figure and go behind her wondering who it is. Meanwhile, Surbhi sees the wedding attire next to her and looks outside. She is lost looking outside and goes into a trance




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