Washington Cannabis Institute, the Marijuana Industry's leading educational institution is holding a two day seminar in Washington as the Washington Liquor Control Board opens up I-502 retail licenses to 10 more applicants.

Olympia, Wa - Historically speaking, it seems as though a pattern is emerging where once a state passes laws that legalize medical marijuana, total legalization or recreational marijuana quickly becomes the next cannabis related cause.

In 1998 Washington state voters approved initiative 692, which is also known as the Washington State Medical Use of Marijuana Act, which legalized the use, possession, sale, and cultivation of cannabis patients with certain qualifying conditions. This law allowed Washington residents to possess limited amounts of marijuana provided they were able to obtain a medical authorization from a licensed medical professional.

The law protects physicians, patients, and caregivers by providing them with an affirmative defense for compliant users. The law, not surprisingly, put limitations on the use of the substance by restricting the amounts prescribed as well as the ailments it is prescribed for.

Though it took some time, in 2012, Washington voters approved Initiative 502 which approved the recreational use of marijuana to adults over the age of 21. The new law allows for legal possession of marijuana while at the same time imposing age limitations on its use. The Initiative also imposed a heavily taxed system in order to generate revenue for health care and substance abuse prevention education.

When the law initially passed the Washington Liquor Control Board stated that they were going to issue a certain amount of licenses. Within the first 2 weeks, there were 3300 applicants. Only a year later, the LCB is reopening the licensing with some changes.

CEO of Washington Cannabis Institute and industry leader, George Boyadjian, says, "It's a good thing that Washington State is opening the licensing to include a broader number of applicants. This signifies the growing opportunity of the cannabis industry in Washington and will only result in a more competitive and diverse industry. Our seminars are open to any and all who want to take advantage of this unexpected opportunity and get the most up to date information from our experts regarding the laws that affect the recreational cannabis industry”.

There are 3 different types of licenses available under I-502 that industry professionals should be aware of. There is a marijuana retailer license which allows an individual to sell marijuana in a retail environment; a retailer business can only sell the substance and its paraphernalia at licensed retail locations. An individual who has a medical marijuana license must also have a marijuana retailer license in order to operate.
A marijuana processor license allows for processing marijuana such as edible makers and extraction companies, and a producer license, which allows one to cultivate marijuana

The Washington Cannabis Institute seminar will be held in Seattle on November 21st through the 22nd and will provide the most recent information on state laws which affect licensing as well as other important industry issues.
The seminar will include industry professionals such as; a marijuana attorney that specializes in Initiative 502 laws, a certified CPA that knows marijuana accounting, insurance company, quality testing lab, among a few.

For additional or more specific information visit: http://washingtoncannabisinstitute.com.

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