"The bottom line is this. We create our own destinies. What ever it is we absolutely believe and feel is causing "intent" thus sending these signals to the Universe. It does not matter weather it is good, bad or indifferent. The universe does not care or judge us. It just reacts to what we manifest weather or not you intended your wants, needs and desires.." Said James Matthew.

If you practice the Laws Of Attraction also known as the Secret, do not ever use a Psychic, psychic readings, Astrology readings and more.

The Laws Of Attraction And Psychics Beware
New Lenox, IL, 1/3/2016 — "If you practice the "Laws OF Attraction", many know it as "The Secret" beware of getting any Psychic readings, astrology readings and similar readings."James Matthew the CEO of Miracle Alternatives, LLC said. Simply listening to any kind of a psychic reading(http://www.miraclealternatives.com/Miracle-Wishing-Machine-Make-Your-Dreams-Come-True_p_641.html) can change the outcome of what ever it is you are using the Laws Of Attraction to manifest.

"I consider myself as an expert in using the "Laws Of Attraction. I am able to visualize what I want and or need. I am able to manifest destiny, or manifest virtually anything that I truly believe and feel is real and will happen sooner or later. In fact I believe in the "Laws Of Attraction(http://www.miraclealternatives.com/Miracle-Wishing-Machine-Make-Your-Dreams-Come-True_p_641.html)" so much we developed a wishing machine which is called the "Miracle Wishing Machine" in which basically programmed by the user to communicate back and forth to the universe on the users behalf." said James Matthew.

"When a person is practicing the Laws Of Attraction this means you have to believe in what it is that you want, desire and or need. It doesn't matter what it is. Perhaps it's for a better relationship. Perhaps it is to make more money. Perhaps it is a legal issue in which you are battling. If you are successful at using the Laws Of Attraction and you absolutely feel and believe what ever it is is so true in that it must feel as if you already have it. Or that you have let's say. placed an order on line for a new business opportunity. And it has been shipped out to you and it is just a matter of time before you receive it. If this is what you are able to envision, feel and accept that it will come true.." James Matthew said.

James Matthew goes on to say, "We as human beings create our own lives. Weather it is in the present or in the future. We absolutely manifest what it is we want, need, desire or how we want to live. If you think that you are a failure, and unsuccessful at your business than guess what, you are or will become a failure and will be unsuccessful. However if you have a powerful positive mental attitude and absolutely believe you are a winner, you are successful than thats what you will become if you are not already. The world is what it is because the entire population of 7 billion people are manifesting their own lives, and the outcome of their own lives every single minute of the entire day. If every single person on the planet has a kind, friendly, loving attitude then we would have less wars, less conflict, less violence."

"Now, let's say you are using the Laws Of Attraction to enhance your business. You are visualizing and manifesting more customers placing orders. However, you are patiently waiting because it has not happened yet. Therefor now you are desperate for answers. Therefore you are curious therefore you get a psychic reading from a telephone psychic, or a psychic in person. It can be a famous psychic that has been on TV before. Now let's say this psychic tells you something you were not hoping to hear. Perhaps the psychic says you need to choose a new path. Your current business practices are not going to work. Or the psychic will say it in a way as friendly advice to make you feel better about the money you have spent."

"Now, after a 30 minute psychic reading you now feel doom and gloom. That manifesting of more sales, more money, prosperity is not going to happen. Unless you are mentally very strong, the opinion of someone that you respect and or believe in tells you otherwise, now the positive intent that you were sending to the universe has now changed. Now your attitude has been tampered with. Now you feel a sens of failure. Now you are manifesting doom and gloom to the universe instead of success and prosperity. Now, you have possibly ruined the very amazing thing that you started. Therefor you have changed your path to the path that you were manifesting against. All because you let someone who you assume can predict the future is accurate. Therefor, you can see how any type of a psychic reading can actually make things bad for you." James Matthew said.

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"The conclusion is, if a psychic can really predict your future. Then this psychic is already telling you what you have manifested. However, if you get a negative reading from the psychic and your feelings change than guess what? Now this psychics reading starts to manifest thus changing what it is that you were manifesting against. However, the psychic did not do this to you. Instead you subconsciously changed your wants, needs and desires thus sending a new intent, and new feelings to the universe. I don't care how good you are at leveraging the Laws Of Attraction are. We all have 2 ears and a subconscious and what ever it is we hear, feel or experience does have an affect on our lives. Therefor, I, James Matthew suggest you stick to programming your own destiny using The Laws Of Attraction and forget about what someone else, such as a psychic thinks." James Matthew said.

"If you want to change your future by using the Laws Of Attraction then take a look at our one and only Miracle Wishing machine. Wishing machines have been around for over 100 years. They really work. I personally have 7 Miracle Wishing machine sitting in my office, all programmed for what it is I want, need or desire. Trust me. You will sooner or later see results that will blow your mind.

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