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New Lenox, Il, 10/16/2015 According to Miracle Alternatives, LLC flu shots can be extremely dangerous.
However, Miracle Alternatives, LLC has a natural alternative to use instead of not only the flu vaccine but possibly all vaccines.
First, here are several reasons why the flu shot can be very dangerous;
1. Several studies that were performed on children indicate that the flu shot does absolutely nothing. However, it is supposed to protect the person from certain strains of the flu. Therefore, if the person getting the flu shot happens to catch a strain of flu will not work anyway.
2. Several studies show that vaccines can actually create serious unwanted health condition, including dangerous immunological responses and several other infections. If anything this can actually cause the vaccine patient to catch the very unwanted health condition in which the vaccine was supposed to prevent.
3. Research also shows that many people both children and adults that get the flu shot end up getting the flu within days or weeks anyway.
4. It's a well-known fact that flu vaccines contain strains of the flu virus.
5. The Flu vaccines contain mercury.
6. New research is indicating that flu shots can cause Alzheimers disease.
7. There is an Advisory Committee called ACIP that decides who should be vaccinated each year. This committee has a financial interest in the vaccine.
8. Research shows that over use of the flu vaccines can actually create even deadlier strains of Flu viruses.
9. New evidence shows that Flu vaccines can actually cause serious neurological disorders.

This seems like a hard pill to swallow. One may ask why is the medical community allowed to administer these Flue vaccines. Furthermore, how can it even be legal to force children to get a Flu shot or else that cannot attend school.
As James Matthew states, "This is allowed and forced on our children for the obvious reasons. It's big money for the medical industry and of course the pharmaceutical companies."
One may wonder what can you do about it, especially if the schools are forcing your children to get the Flu shot?
According to Miracle Alternatives, LLC there is a possible and very effective holistic solution that can prevent getting the Flu or getting rid of the Flu weather or not you or your children have already had a Flu shot.
There several holistic health machines that can do both. They can prevent the unsought of the Flu virus and eradicate the Flu virus.
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Summary: The following machines are suggested to prevent getting the Flu and hundred's of other viruses, diseases or sicknesses and to eradicate any unwanted serious health condition, including the Flu.
Furthermore, if you or your children have already had the Flu vaccine, and you are concerned about the possibility of the vaccine creating a illness, then these machines can destroy those unwanted conditions as well.
The following machines are; The Miracle Rife machine, the Miracle Globe Machine, the Miracle Gen Machine, the Pyroenergen II and a homeopathic remedy maker called the Miracle Remedy Maker.

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