27 June, 2014: Recent specialist reports have predicted that the summer of 2014 will be particularly warm in the Balearic Islands, a tendency that could benefit local providers of holiday accommodation, such as Bartle Holidays.

These predictions were made recently by the Balearics’ State Meteorology Agency, ahead of the official start of summer on June 22. According to the report published by this same entity, the months of July and August will see Menorcan temperatures rise slightly (as compared to previous years), with the average for 2014 sitting at around 24 degrees centigrade. Similarly, even in the evening, temperatures are seldom expected to drop under 20 degrees, with the overall effect being similar to that of a tropical, temperate climate. This is, of course, good news for well-known companies like Bartle Holidays, and others like it, as it will almost certainly see a higher influx of tourists and visitors to the island during the warm season.

Even without summer having officially begun, however, the Balearics have already experienced at least one heat wave this year. On the weekend of June 7 and June 8, after a relatively balmy spring, temperatures of around 36 degrees were registered in many spots around the island. The undisputed champion in this regard was Sóller, where thermometers peaked at a whopping 38.5 degrees centigrade.

While slightly warmer than usual, the Balearic summer of 2014 should not stray too much from what has been the norm in recent years – the coolest Menorcan summer in recent memory dates back to 1997, where temperatures were of around 21 degrees. Nor are this year’s temperatures expected to exceed those registered in 2003, when the average was of around 27 degrees.

Infrequent showers, scattered sparsely across the three months of summer and never for longer than one day or two, have also been predicted by the Balearics’ State Meteorology Agency as part of this summer’s weather for the islands.

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