Currently, some geneticists believe that in the future, regeneration of human beings from DNA may be possible. A new company believes they can transform theory into reality.

According to Max Stevens of DNALIVEFOREVER.COM “Many researchers think that there is memory stored in the DNA of living things. The best way to capitalize on this is to store the DNA of an individual so that it will last for hundreds of years.”

“This may sound unlikely, but think about it. If you set aside one hundred dollars in one of our trust accounts, at the historical rate of growth you would have over a billion dollars at the end of about three hundred years. The great thing is, just like when you go to sleep, you awake after what seems like seconds. So, just like Sleeping Beauty, when you awake from that great sleep one hundred years will have gone by in what seems like seconds. This is without a doubt the time machine finally come to fruition. H. G. Welles would be proud,” says Stevens.