16 January, 2014: URLtoDOMAIN.COM is an effective web tool that extracts domains using URLs. This tool is very popular among marketers and SEO companies and is free to download and use. 

An IP address is an important tool which is primarily required for online communication. Having a long list of them would significantly help to market various business products and services. Marketing companies require them to market products and collecting them is usually a pain because the process is long and laborious when done manually. But you have a savior by the name of URLtoDOMAIN.com and the tool is versatile in extracting a website address or domain from all kinds of URLs. 

The tool is free for use and is a great asset for online business owners, webmasters, SEO companies, online marketers and web development services. The tool has been found very effective in negating the SEO attack engineered by the disavow tool from Bing and Google! The tool is absolutely free and a bonanza for marketing. A domain name is used as identification for internet participants such as networks, computers and services and it represents an IP (Internet Protocol) address which is made up of a string of identifiers. 

The tool is capable of using all kinds of domains and private domains and also automatically updates the database names to ensure that the TLD/gTLD names are properly executed by checking their validity. The tool is also programmed to give output results in UTF-8 format. The biggest advantage you have with this URLtoDOMAIN.com tool is that you can upload as many as URLs unless it is not over a million and the tool will come with the domain names. The creator of the tool also advocates the user to paste URLs under the 20K count for uninterrupted service. The tool will show no result if the URLs are excessive to its working capacity. It is also very convenient because the results are saved In CSV or .txt format. 

If you are especially involved in internet marketing service or an SEO company trying to help a client achieve top places in the search engine results then this URLtoDOMAIN.com can prove to be a boon. To be one up on others it is important to increase traffic in the internet and the domain addresses hugely help in the task. And to extract those domains you will need an effective tool that would automatically extract domains and sub-domains, check their validity and update them regularly. 

This is what the URLtoDOMAIN.com is made for and you can use it to extract as many domain names you require to serve your purpose. The creator of the tool will highly appreciate you if you would get back after using the tool and tell them your experience. The tool also avoids Google penalty and able to extract .htaccess file which is known as a directory-level structure file with support of numerous web servers which is used to decentralize the web server configuration management. Visit the website to know more about the tool and its functions. Click http://urltodomain.com/ to go to the website. 

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URLtoDOMAIN.COM is a web tool that can gather domain names by using URLs. The tool is easy to use and it updates automatically while it works. It is highly suitable for web marketing purpose.