United Kingdom; 6/17/2014: Wallpaper murals have become a popular way to deck up the home interiors. Murals are different from wallpapers as they are unique and made on the demand of the customer. There is yet another difference between the two, wallpapers are produced in huge quantities with stock photographs and images while the mural paintings are unique in nature. These are paintings that are theme based which can dramatically change the ambience and atmosphere of the room interiors. There are a number of websites offering wallpaper murals. Most parents consider getting kid friendly wallpaper murals for their kids’ rooms in order to grow an aesthetic sensibility in their kids. While there are a number of websites offering murals, there are very few offering kids murals. Picture My World offers an assortment of wallpaper murals that are dedicated solely to the kids. These murals are made by child artists. 

The wallpaper murals offer a special feel to the room and change the atmosphere and dimensions of the room apparently. Some of the murals have the effect of making the rooms look bigger. It can change the perception of space and time for the viewer. The positive energy in the murals is transmitted into the onlooker. Picture My World offers kids made to measure murals that are based on themes dedicated to children. The murals have the effect of creating an imaginative and creative aspect in children. The wallpaper murals offered by the website are made to measure. This is one very important feature that the buyers consider so that the paintings fit the size of the walls. 

The childrens murals offered by the website are created as long and durable strips that easy to fit. The paintings come in strips that are ready to be painted, made with high quality ink and are fade resistant. Picture My World offers a complete library of images that are created by the children artists. The customers are offered bespoke murals that can be created by the artists that the customers choose. This is in keeping with the ancient tradition when people hired mural painters to create a unique mural of their choice. The customers are thus offered an opportunity to brief the image, watch it being developed, or change it before getting it printed and customized for their walls. The kids murals UK offered by Picture My World can also be refreshed or even removed which would leave back no patch or trace. 

Childrens made to measure murals offered by the website can also be created using the images that the customers want on the paintings. Picture My World offers the opportunity to upload, resize, and crop the image on site. 

About Picture My World: 


Picture My World is a website offering dramatic murals that are made to measure and children specific. The murals are made by the team of child artists and are theme based. For details visit the website.