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The two main categories of walkie-talkie are the professional business radios and the family-consumer radios. Offers are also being made on licensed as well as unlicensed radios. The difference in the two is seen in the price range. The licensed radio is installed with power 5W frequency.

Walkie-talkies are available for different stages of people.

Walkie talkies for kids are found made in plastic and found in various colours with batteries.

Senior citizen walkie talkies are for those who are confined to bed. It helps in providing communication between the disabled and the nurse at a homecare.

Long range walkie talkie such as 1-watt walkie talkies provides range upto 8 miles or 20 miles, thus making long distance communication possible.

Walkie talkies for the military are used by militaries all over the world. Device such as AN/PRC-148 MBITR is one such device which serves the purpose of the army as it is installed with encryption capabilities.

Hunters have a great necessity for walkie talkie while moving around the forest. At present times the market is focusing in providing walkie talkies explicitly for hunters which has the features of microphones, car chargers as well as headsets. The choice of deciding which to chose is solely upon the hunter.

Importance of walkie talkie arises in cruise while having a fee time with family. A cruise is a large ship and it often gets difficult in finding a member of the family.

“Water, water everywhere” and water can be a problem at times when outdoors thus water proof walkie talkies are also manufactured to help the work become more flawless during rainy season or while moving in water area.

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