An environmentally friendly recycling program for secondhand bricks, paving and roof tiles.

Perth, Western Australia, January 26, 2010 -- WA Brickmatch launched their new website today with the aim of encouraging demolition companies and the general public in WA to use their established recycling program for secondhand bricks, paving and roof tiles rather than discard these re-usable products into landfill.

WA Brickmatch‘s environmentally friendly recycling program sources secondhand bricks and building materials from demolition sites and people re-roofing their homes or upgrading their paving. A dedicated in-house team of brick cleaners then hand clean the face bricks and roof tiles for resale to the public.

The focus of the Recycling Program is to preserve the resources of Western Australia and is also driven by a surging demand for recycled red bricks for paving that give that ´olde world‘ look.

WA Brickmatch has waiting lists for customers wanting red recycled bricks, so a new dedicated website has been launched today to promote the company‘s environmentally friendly recycling program.

WA Brickmatch is a family owned and operated business established in 1995 in Wattle Grove, WA. The business is now managed by Proprietor, Dawn McKinnon since 2006. The company‘s shift has to been to move away from supplying traditional salvage materials to focus on recycled and secondhand bricks, paving and roof tiles.

WA Brickmatch offer the only ´Brick Matching Service‘ in Western Australia for hard to find face bricks, pavers and roof tiles that are no longer in production.

Customers are encouraged to ´bring in a sample‘ to the Yard so that the friendly staff at WA Brickmatch can help customers find an exact match to their sample. A ´custom long term brick matching service‘ is offered to customers if a product is not available in the yard at the time of their visit.

For more information on WA Brickmatch‘s recycling program, please visit their website

Press Contact:
Dawn McKinnon
WA Brickmatch Pty Ltd
27 Hardey East Rd
Wattle Grove, WA 6107
61 + (08) 9359 0035
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