COVINGTON, WA July 21, 2010 VueWise, the fast growing mapping software solution announced that VueWise Territory Maps 2.0 Beta is nearing release phase and is available for download immediately at VueWise‘s new mapping software helps users visualize their data and coverage models, make changes on the fly and provide beautifully annotated maps that are simple to share.

"VueWise Territory Maps 2.0 provides a simple and fast mapping solution for customers who need to visually share data about their organizations in a map format but may be overwhelmed with current options,” said General Manager Roselle Portin. “Whether people are mapping a state or the entire US, our solution will save time and offer a quick return on their investment.”
VueWise Territory Maps 2.0 benefits include:
Quickly Create Custom Territories: Users need to represent states and territories in either standalone or aggregate displays. The customize feature allows the user to draw and assemble territories in record time.
Add, Change or Delete Reps Quickly: The VueWise interface allows users to quickly modify territory areas and rep coverage maps to eliminate the constant rebuilding process required by other solutions.
Customize Maps with Annotations: The Customize Map option allows users the flexibility to add details before sharing with a suite of customized annotation tools so you can show clearly how your staff is aligned.
Share your Work with the Team: With the VueWise .mapx file format, user can share maps to collaborate easily and make improvements on the fly. You can share image level details via PowerPoint or jpeg formats just as easily as printing.

About VueWise
VueWise is a fast growing mapping software company that streamlines the development of map creation for sales and marketing professionals. Founded in 2008, Vuewise began shipping Territory Maps in 2009 and is quickly becoming a must have application for companies across US and Canada. For more information, please visit