(Free Press Release) “The launch of WIS oil-free screw air compressor is a proud development by Vortex Compressor Series to empower customers considering oil-free compression technology (small or large scale) in various sectors” noted a Product Analyst at Vortex Compressor.

When asked about the important features of the WIS oil-free screw air compressor he said:

  • WIS is the Turkey‘s first oil-free screw air compressor that eliminates use of oil
  • No air contamination issues which is ideal for pharma and health care product making industries
  • It is the low-cost long-lasting air compressor solution for where class0 air is needed.
  • The WIS oil-free rotary screw air compressor underwent vigorous testing to meet the Annex C of ISO 1217-3 certification


The product specialist from the Vortex shares advantages of the WIS series oil-free screw air compressor:

  • Clean compressed air which is economically produced
  • The series boasts of a 100 % oil-free air compressor
  • Reduce operational costs by saving about 40% of energy
  • The compressor produces air that is environment friendly (the oil-free design conserves natural resources and also prevents emissions.
  • Reduces maintenance costs (doesn‘t require lubricants to manage and run the equipment).
  • Proven design with strong and solid work
  • Acoustically designed to ensure noiseless enclosure which releases no-to-very low sound levels during operation.

When asked where do the oil-free screw air compressor find its use, he answered:

Electronic processes
Instrumentation air
Food and beverage processing industries
Painting applications
Pharma manufacturing industries
Chemical laboratory process industries
Health care applications

The product analyst adds, “Our WIS series of oil-free screw air compressor comes with ISO 1217-3 certification ensuring superior and reliable performance.”

The WIS Series oil-free screw air compressor is part of the Vortex Compressor technology group, based in Ankara, Turkey. The company‘s Ankara facility is also center for training, R&D, training, warehouse and business operations. For more information about the oil-free air compressor, please contact [email protected] or feel free to visit the website http://www.vortexcompressor.com/product/yagsiz_kompresor_oil_free_compressor.html. For any other assistance, you may call 90 312 814 45 77.

Until 1998 it was known as Ankara Hamak A.S. and in 1998 Ankara Hamak had registered brand name Vortex Compressor. In 2004 the company launched Variable Speed Drive (VSD) series rotary screw air compressors and air boosters (EPT Series), and VAD series absorption air dryers. From then on it started exporting compressors to 36 overseas countries and also giving total after sales service. VORTEX products come with ISO 9001, GHOST, CE certifications which testify their superior quality. Additionally, VORTEX products are tested according to Annex C of ISO 1217-3 standards. The company strives to bring trouble-free compressor systems for various industries from time to time.