24, May 2016: With regards to the intelligent e-scooter, Airwheel is quite an impressive brand. The diversity of its products has satisfied the various demand of consumers. Whether it is the single wheel scooter, two wheels or twin wheels scooter and even the four wheels skateboard, all of them have become part of user’s life to some extent. But what do they think of the e-scooters? Let’s listen to the voices of them from every walk of life.

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In the sight of ordinary person, it is a transporting vehicle. Instead of parking problems for automobiles, Airwheel intelligent e-bikes can realize the seamless connection between home and destination. Now in the era of intelligence, although streets are inundated with cars, sometimes we can also see people who ride intelligent electric walkcars due to their convenient features.


In the opinion of people who like exercises, it is kind of fitness means. Powered by electricity, Airwheel intelligent power scooter won’t need too much strength. Airwheel M3 skateboard best suits those who want to keep fit. Through long-time exercises, balance of control and nervous reflex, the shoulders, backbone, arms and legs, feet and wrists can get full exercises to increase the flexibility and skill.


It seems to environmentalists that it is the top-priority for traveling. Albert Minetti, professor of institute of human physiology of school of medicine in Milan University and honorary professor of medical computer engineering department of University of Southern Denmark once tested the environmental performance of Airwheel scooters and it proofs that they are more environmental than bicycles.


In fashionista’s view, it is the representative of showing cool, just like the hip-hop. Performances of playing Airwheel electric scooters in street corners also mean a culture and life attitude. Riding Airwheel single wheel scooter is full of thrills so each of you will be called new generation human being.

Of course, if you like, Airwheel intelligent e-scooter can be the art between the wheels.

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