Mark Thompson and Keith Gosnell  has announced today, the launch of their brand new, innovative customer service software product, Voice Stak.

Voice Stak is a customer service software widget that allows visitors and customers to leave voice and video messages on websites that has Voice Stak enabled. If you know what a chat widget looks like on a website, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of how the Voice Stak widget looks. The difference between Voice Stak and a chat widget is that Voice Stak is more innovative and creative, in that, instead of chatting with customer service agents, visitors can leave audio messages or video messages to customer services agents.

Voice Stak also has great features for website owners too. With the integration of Voice stak onto websites, website owners can:

-    Capture emails and build their lists with Voice Stak’s email integration
-    Send SMS messages to customers with Voice Stak’s SMS integration
-    Receive audio and video feedback, reviews and testimonials from customers and visitors
-     Upload video testimonials to youtube with Voice Stak’s youtube integration
-    Voice Stak Results in 120% Sales increase
-    Embed Voice Stak widget anywhere
-    Customize Voice Stak widget designs

One Voice Stak Review provides a video demo which shows how Voice Stak works, the features it has, the dynamics of it and how it looks. This voice stakk review also breaks down each feature it has, the product description, the pros and cons and even gives away some free bonus.

To visit the official Voice Stak website, please click here.