Voice Changer app was announced to help users change their voice with ease and play pranks on their loved ones.

What’s life without those light and fun filled moments? There are many who endure huge amounts of stress on a regular basis and laughter can be the best medicine for them. Users who like to play pranks on their friends and loved ones can now easily do that with this app, which claims to make light of tough situations.

Voice Changer ensures that people can change their voices by modifying their speed and pitch. As a result a youngster can speak in the voice of a child while a man can speak in the voice of a woman and create moments that will lead to laughter all around. And all one has to do is use the microphone to change the voice on real time basis.

That’s the reason as soon as a user says something it can be converted into another voice. Another advantage of using this app is that it has several pre-set options, which make it versatile for people’s use. Now they can make the most of these options and enjoy the benefits of the app to the fullest.

Users have the option of editing the recordings and changing audio streams that have been downloaded from the Internet. There are different functions including play, pause and stop besides volume control that ensure that users stay on top of things at all times. The app is lightweight, which is why it doesn’t take too much space on users’ systems and it’s free as well.

About Voice Changer

Voice Changer app lets users alter their voice so that they can play pranks and lighten up dull moments.

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