Over the past years, the International TV personality and author Amadi Jae has combined effectively original music with euphoric live performances. Amadi Jae is becoming one of most recognised experimental and captivating, artist to watch out for in 2016!

Atlanta GA, - March 18. 2016 - Amadi Jae is releasing her newest single titled “Lonely Nights Late Mornings’’. The single is being praised by some of the biggest names in the music industry including, Music Executive, Vincent James, who has just signed Amadi Jae to a three-year Distribution Deal. Also, Nagib Hawk, the Producer of the new single.

Amadi Jae announces details of her new single already the 2nd of 2016. The record which was just released on March 18th, is distributed by, VJ MUSIC Distribution under SONY Orchard. Lonely Nights Late Mornings is available on, ITUNES, AMAZON, and 700 other digital, retailer’s world-wide. This new record has already started making impact the day it was released, and it promises to give her more awards than ever.

Listen for, “Lonely Nights Late Mornings” as it is scheduled to hit Top40 FM Radio this month. Curtesy and Sponsored by, www.YourSongontheradio.com

Here’s what fans had to say about Amadi Jae’s music. ‘’I have been waiting patiently for her music to be released! Every beat that comes from Amadi Jae will be a hit! I listen to “Lonely Nights Late Mornings” all day since buying it said Shune K.

”It's not just Amadi Jaes musical styles, or her smooth and expressive voice, that makes her an excellent artist. Her songs, which range from thoughtful and  poetic, show that she knows her way around the English culture just as well as she knows her way around a guitar.” Said Johan C.

For more information and hear Amadi Jae’s New Single, Lonely Nights Late Mornings visit: www.itunes.com. Support and follow Amadi Jae on her social media links: www.facebook.com/amadijae, www.instagram.com/amadijae and www.twitter.com/amadijae on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter respectively.

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