Orlando, FL - Lynne Sadowski author of Vixen Unleashed became a best selling author today topping the charts on Amazon.com. Vixen Unleashed is an outstanding weight loss program for any woman who is struggling with weight loss, feels unattractive, or whose life seems to be spinning out of control.

In her unique and entertaining style, Lynne Sadowski addresses the root of what is causing you to be stressed and overweight, then gives you a system to make the change you desire. Lynne isn’t one of those “experts” that just talks the talk. In Vixen Unleashed, she shares her own, inspirational story of years of yo-yo dieting and stress eating, and exposes her vulnerability as she describes the moment she hits emotional rock bottom. Her “ah-ha” moment finally comes while taking a pole-dance fitness lesson at a local gym, where she rediscovers the confident and sensual woman that she truly is, and starts dropping pounds for good.

In Vixen Unleashed, Lynne Sadowski reveals her secrets to weight loss success through a 12-week road trip down Interstate Vixen12, which begins in the Comfort Zone, and ends in the town of Freedom. With the help of Dr. Keesha Ewers, Sexologist and Functional Medicine Practitioner, Lynne outlines a nutritious, easy to follow eating plan called, the High Octane Diet.

Lynne Sadowski is Founder of Vixen Unleashed, a personal development and empowerment company that’s dedicated to helping women lead healthy and dynamic lives in mind, body and spirit. She has been successfully coaching people for over 12 years and is a co-owner of an all women's fitness studio in Orlando, Fl. Through her own personal experience, and as a busy professional, wife and mother, Lynne learned that in order to look and feel your best, have more fulfilling relationships, and have a successful career, you must FIRST begin with self-care and good health. Lynne takes a systematic and holistic approach when working with her clients in weight-loss, career improvement, and life and business solutions.

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