(Free Press Release) In response to customer feedback and market demand, ViveVita, llc, maker of Bandetteâ„¢ sippy cup labels, has released a narrower-diameter version of their award-winning labels: Bandleâ„¢ baby bottle labels.

Charlotte, NC - October 13, 2010 -- Bandleâ„¢ baby bottle labels are a smaller-diameter version of the Bandetteâ„¢ sippy cup label. Bandleâ„¢ labels are reusable, writable and re-writable, dishwasher safe and microwave safe, food-grade silicone bands with different colors and character features that create a means of labeling children‘s‘ drink containers and ending cup confusion.

While Bandetteâ„¢ sippy cup and bottle labels are made to fit standard-diameter sippy cups and most baby bottles, Bandleâ„¢ are made to fit both standard sized and smaller-diameter baby bottles, such as Dr. Brown‘s brand bottles.

Bandleâ„¢ baby bottle labels were created by ViveVita,llc, in response to customer feedback and market demand, recognizing the need for labeling for the smaller bottles.In addition to the smaller diameter, Bandleâ„¢ labels introduce three new character features: Baby, Sun, and Moon. They also introduce three new colors to the labeling line, including a glow-in-the-dark blue.

Both Bandleâ„¢ and Bandetteâ„¢ labels create a tactile stimulus for babies and young children and increase the graspable surface of drink containers.
Please visit http://www.vivevita.com/products to see Bandle to see Bandleâ„¢ and Bandetteâ„¢ labels as well as other ViveVita products.

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