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Recent customer feedback reports indicate that vitamin C eye gel can be helpful for women at any age. THAT Eye Creamâ„¢ is pleased that both mothers and daughters can benefit from its All-In-One Eye Gel formula.

Although THAT Skin Careâ„¢ is primarily known for its anti-aging skin products, the brand’s vitamin C eye gel ( is reported to be quite popular with all ages. Generally referred to as THAT Eye Creamâ„¢, the under-eye gel is advertised as an “all-in-one” solution for a number of common issues including dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines around the eye area.

According to Cheryl Lynn of THAT Skin Careâ„¢, “When we first introduced the All-In-One Eye Gel with Vitamin C, it was viewed as an anti-aging eye serum due to the peptides and antioxidants included in the formula. Of course visible dark circles and under eye puffiness can happen to anyone regardless of their age. The vitamin C eye gel has the ability to help with these all too common frustrations.”

The brand reported recently that it commonly asks customers for feedback and reviews ( about its products. One customer recently reported that her daughter, who has battled dark circles and puffiness, started using the serum around the first of this year. She now has brighter eyes that are less puffy than before. These favorable results convinced the mother to order the product to use herself. She plans to focus on the fine lines around her eyes.

“We love getting feedback like that,” said Lynn about the customer’s comment. “We are confident our products work because we use them too! Still, it’s exciting to hear that we’ve helped someone improve the look of their skin. Comments like that along with repeat orders from our existing customers are a sure sign that we’re doing things right.”

The eye gel relies on ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to provide moisture since it does not contain any oil. The oil-free formula is popular with younger women for a number of reasons. According to details provided by the brand, the gel absorbs quickly. When it’s used during the day there’s no need to wait before applying eye makeup. Heavier cream products can take longer to soak in and may interfere with normal makeup application.

About THAT Eye Cream

THAT Eye Creamâ„¢ was introduced nearly two years ago as the first product in THAT Skin Care’s anti-aging skin care line. Considered the “under-eye division” of the brand, THAT Eye Cream’s All-In-One Eye Gel with Vitamin C is sold exclusively by Radiant Health Naturals and is available at Amazon (


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