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Orlando, Florida — The body needs the right amount of Vitamin B12 in order for it to perform its vital functions. However, your body does not produce Vitamin B12 so you have to get it from food sources. Even though it can be stored in your liver for a long period of time, you still need more in order to make your body healthier. Vitamin B12 deficiency which is one of the most common health problems on children and the elderly has alarmed many health experts worldwide and are pushing advocacy in order to promote more awareness on Vitamin B12 deficiency.

One of the important uses of B-12 is that it aids in the replication of DNA for new cells. This means that B-12 deficiency can lead to the abnormal replication of DNA, and, as a result, new and healthy cells cannot be generated. Consequently, the effects of aging are manifested in the body. The substance is also needed for the production of red blood cells and for iron to work better in the body. There are various symptoms of Vitamin B-12 deficiency. These include overall weakness, fatigue, irritability and mood changes, numbness or tingling in hands or feet, and irritation of the mouth and the tongue. Moreover, the most serious sign of lack of the substance is impaired brain function. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is that dementia caused by lack of Vitamin B12 can be reversed with supplementation, and only the B complex itself can prevent the condition. With this, many health experts worldwide strongly recommend using Vitamin B12 supplements since they are highly efficient when it comes to helping your body get sufficient Vitamin B12.

“I'd been receiving B-12 injections at the doctor's office for the diagnosis of fatigue and tingling in the legs. A friend suggested that I try this product and I switched to the Vitamin B-12 Complex Sublingual for convenience. I am glad I did. I really feel this has helped my energy level would highly recommend this product.” — Brenda, Vitamin B12 supplement user.

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