Orlando, FL — April 6, 2015 — The launch of the Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement by VitaBreeze provides consumers with one of the strongest and most potent supplements on the market, featuring 1,400mg of omega-3 fatty acids: 800mg of EPA and 600mg of DHA. When taken daily, a 2,400mg serving is associated with some improvements in the health of the heart, brain and the immune system.

“Research that appeared in the prestigious journal The Lancet indicates that omega-3 fatty acids have a variety of beneficial properties, including the potential to positively affect depression and brain volume,” said VitaBreeze spokesperson Michelle O’Sullivan.

Fatty acids are necessary for the heart, brain and immune system to function well, and they also help relieve inflammation. Many individuals have a deficit of these critical substances. The VitaBreeze Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement provides consumers with a potent, triple strength formula for improvement of overall health and wellness.

While many people would likely benefit from an omega-3 supplement, most are unable to take advantage of its protective properties due to reflux or their fear or dislike of the fishy aftertaste. That concern has been eliminated with the VitaBreeze formula. The firm utilizes an enteric coating on the gel capsules for enhanced absorption. The enteric coating enables omega-3s to be delivered to the intestinal tract where they are most beneficial, and this also prevents the typical fishy aftertaste.

To ensure the product’s safety and efficacy, a molecular distillation procedure removes any existing heavy metals, PCBs and toxins. The firm uses no farmed fish in its supplement, only fish that has been harvested in the wild from deep ocean sources. The formula encompasses no GMOs, artificial ingredients or common allergens.

Omega-3 fatty acids can’t be produced naturally within the body, so the acids must be obtained through other methods. The best source of fatty acids is seafood, but despite sushi consumption, a large segment of the population doesn’t like fish. The VitaBreeze omega-3 fatty acid supplement offers an easy and convenient way to obtain these vital substances.

The launch of VitaBreeze’s Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement provides consumers with one of the most powerful and potent formulas of its kind available anywhere on the market. Created in the U.S. according to strict manufacturing criteria, the dietary supplement has the potential to help the body provide increased protection to brain and heart as well as improve immune system function (www.amazon.com/Omega-Fish-Oil-Supplement-Softgels/dp/B00O8NS20K/).

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