China; 10, December 2014: The paper industry in China has grown to spread its branches. One of the key reasons of this growth has to be emergence of companies who are ready to face the challenges. Vision paper towel is a company which serves the needs of paper consumers in China. The product ranges include paper hand towels, paper napkins and the toilet paper. As much as 80 employees are presently working for the high quality employer brand of the global paper industry.

In the paper hand towel product ranges, there are multifold paper towels that are processed by taking wet strength paper as the main raw material. It is quite strong and absorbent for efficient hand drying. The commercial paper hand towel comes into use in places like clubs, hotels, cafes, guesthouses, church restaurants and other establishments. Both virgin and recycled multifold papers are available for the customers. They come in different sheet sizes and there are 250 white towels per pack.

The recycled multifold paper towels are usually extracted from waste paper through a variety of processes. It includes smashing, pulping, discoloring and a host of other complex processes. It prevents the wastage of paper and is also an environmental friendly technique. There are single fold towel papers, C fold paper towels, paper towel roll, and ultra slim paper hand towels. White colored center pull paper towels come in embossed pattern and there are six rolls per case. It is made out of virgin pulp which adopts a big amount of long fibers. Processed with wet strength formulation, it a strong unbreakable and leaves no traces of paper after use. It is enough absorbent for efficient hand drying.

Paper Napkins by the Vision Paper Towel are clean, touch-soft and gives a comfortable feeling to the user. It is environmental friendly paper having delicate textures and extreme hydroscopic features. It is spice free and unbreakable under harsh conditions apart from being healthy to use. Vision Paper Towel is involved in research and development in different categories of paper products. The products of the company are exported to countries like United States, Australia, Africa, Canada, Pakistan and others.

The international manufacturer and seller of paper products operate across an area covering 20,000 square meters. As much as 90% of their exported paper is prepared out of reclaimed paper pulp to ensure lower carbon and green development. The company has won the rust of million including national and international customers.

About Vision Paper Towel:

Vision Paper Towel specializes in the production and distribution of world class paper products throughout the globe. It emphasizes the use of environmental friendly techniques to minimize the chances of pollution. Visit the website for more information on the products offered.