Vishal Shekhar’s hair troubles on Captain Tiao

The singer-composer duo revealed the reason behind Vishal’s bald look

This week the young and vivacious Sadhil Kapoor played host to not one but two`uber talented guests on his celebrated chat show ‘Captain Tiao’ on Disney Channel. Bollywood’s favorite singer-composer duo, were at their spirited best as held a jam session together, teamed up against the young host and even pulled each others’ leg. Together they made the atmosphere of the show simply amusing, with Shekhar Ravjiani trying to crack one joke after another.

As Sadhil sat on his chair and quizzed them about everything under the sun, he innocently happened to ask Vishal the reason behind him losing all his hair. Vishal known for his quick wit and jovial nature promptly pointed out to his partner in crime and music Shekhar and his bad jokes for being the culprit. He also jokingly blamed Shekhar, known for his radiant locks for stealing his hair over the course of their 14 year long collaboration stating, “There’s limited hair in the world. Since 14 years he has been stealing one strand of my hair every day. I have spent fourteen years in the studio with him and his jokes and this is the reason behind my state.”

‘Captain Tiao’ is a first of its kind short format talk show conceptualized keeping in mind the curious nature of a child and the intriguing questions that children never hesitate to ask. The show presents Sadhil Kapoor as the host ‘Captain Tiao’ who with his mind bending questions gets celebrities to reveal some unknown and interesting facts of their lives. This recently launched show continues to bring to life Disney Channel’s promise to Express Yourself, Believe Yourself and Follow Your Dreams with its new refreshing concept.

‘Captain Tiao’ airs this Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 10 AM exclusively on Disney Channel

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