(Free Press Release) Virtual Voyage joins hands with being responsible to serve the society
Initiation of a unique joint venture for social cause

Indore: 15th May 2012: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is now a days the core part of business communities, all over the world. Though there are different definitions of CSR, but if we go for it‘s core meaning, we can say that CSR is about how companies manage the business process to produce an over all positive impact on society. Various organizations of our country are also contributing their support to meet different challenges of society. Appropriate budgets are also being made by the organization to implement many CSR activities, every year.

Virtual Voyage is a leading multi media educational institute of the city and well known for providing skilled students in different segments to the country. The institute now more than 10 years old is now coming forward to share social responsibilities and decided to open a Senior Citizen‘s Day Care Centre in the premises of the institute, situated at Malhar Mega Mall, A.B.Road, Indore.

“We have been thinking to initiate some useful social activity, from a long time, but did not come to a conclusion, until we did not hear about Day Care Centers, the platforms provided by being responsible, the well known social group of the city, to our worthy senior citizens. When I personally visited these centers and saw that our senior citizens are taking much interest in different activities of the centers, I on the very day decided to start an another Day Care Centre in my institute‘s premises. I put up my proposal before being responsible, and they readily accepted the same. The new Day Care Centre will be started by us, shortly, and I am sure that alike the present two Day Care Centers, the new one will also be successful in providing useful and creative facilities to senior citizens of the city” said Mr. Abhay Jain, Director, Virtual Voyage.

We hope that the joint venture of being responsible and Virtual Voyage will add a new chapter in the CSR activities of the city.

About Virtual Voyage, Indore

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