31 July, 2014: One of the many advantages of the growing development in mobile application development is you get all kinds of cool and fun new apps available every day. Mobile apps have been developed for social networking, communication, games purposes and it is safe to say the possibilities with mobile application development are just endless. Today, apps developers are creating and inventing apps that give a lifelike experience, such as Virtual Hairstyle which gives you the virtual image of how you look in different hairstyles, haircuts and hair colors.

Virtual Hairstyle is an app created by Mettle Tech based in kolkata, India. Mettle Tech has successfully created more than 20 mobile apps which are gaining more and more users each day. Each and every one of us wants to keep up with the latest trend and fashion and does not want to be the one only unfashionable among our friends. But sometimes we have fear and doubts on how these new fashions would look on us. And Virtual hairstyle is the app that helps you decide on how you want to wear your hair, or which type of hairstyle or new haircut or hair colors you want to try and give you your best look. You no longer need to worry about how you look in different hairstyle, haircut or hair colors; you can just download the app and check out what you look like in different hair do or haircut.

Virtual Hairstyle is a very user friendly app it not only give you hairstyle tips but also give you an enjoyment of seeing how you or your friends and families would look like in different hairstyles. The app gives you different hairstyle on both male and female, the ladies can try on the guys hairstyles and the guys can try on the ladies hairstyle which makes it so much fun. This app give you lots of option to choose from on hairstyle, hair cuts and hair colors.You just have to take a picture or used the one you have and try on these different hairstyles, you can further resize these hairstyles to get the best and more realistic look.

After selecting the perfect hairstyle the app has an in-app feature which allow you to share these photos on facebook, twitter or even email it to your friends directly from the app. You can also edit these photos on instagram or just save it for yourself on your photo gallery. Virtual hairstyle has been gaining popularity and success on users as it is absolutely free for download with lots of trendy hairstyle, haircut and hair colors that they want to try on. So, make sure you download this app and try on these hot and trendy hairstyles for your new looks.

About Mettle Tech Hairstyle App:

Virtual Hairstyle can be downloaded for android smart phones users on google play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.mettletech.virtualhairstyle

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And for Iphones users on App store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/virtual-hair-style!/id811220124?mt=8

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Mettle Tech
Address: New Garia, Garia,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700094
Phone: 033 4070 5047
Website : www.mettletech.co

Testimonials as collected from their website:

Mettle Tech is a quality product, quality service technology partner. From the complex to the straightforward projects, Mettle has been there for us reliably every time. Together we’ve developed applications delivering Millions USD in margin gain for multi-Billion dollar corporations as well as developed noteworthy websites — Remy Szykier, VP, Sales and Marketing, Forecast Horizon

I have been more than satisfied with the work done by your team. Quality work on time – what more could a company ask for?! — Amy Sutryn, Operations Director, Americas, Vice President Manufacturing, PermabondR Engineering Adhesives

Mettle Tech have performed above and beyond expectations and serviced our clients. Led by KailashMondal and his team, Mettle truly embrace professionalism and convey confidence to with each project. Mettle Tech led by Kailash, is a key partner in servicing our customers needs.
— Orloff A. Phillips, President, Suisse Associates, LLC.