Miami, Florida ( ) August 21, 2009 Virtual Auction (, an online auction company that offers a unique bidding platform that runs live, real-time auctions will be introducing its software to the auction industry this month. The introduction will take place during the National Auctioneers Association‘s yearly tradeshow in Overland Park, Kansas July 13-18.

The software, which has become increasingly popular in several industries since the company‘s launch early this year, offers live auctions. Unlike timed eBay auctions, live auctions foster a competitive environment, which creates a sense of urgency and drives prices higher. Additionally, the Virtual Auction platform has a virtual auctioneer who captures the excitement found in the ring. This gives bidders a more enjoyable, interactive environment and liquidation happens quickly—in minutes rather than days.

For obvious reasons, the company believes that this kind of platform will be of great interest to the brick and mortar auction houses, and they anticipate a very good response from the tradeshow later this month.

“Any auctioneer can benefit from our technology. Virtual Auction will allow them to run unlimited auctions 24/7 while providing millions of buyers around the world access to bid. We believe our interactive auction technology will encourage more end users to get involved with the auction process thereby increasing revenue per lot sold for the auction house and its‘ clients. There‘s unlimited earning potential. It‘s a no-brainer,” stated Virtual Auction CEO, Steven Kirsch.

This move is just the latest in the company‘s push to success. Last month, they began partnering with a top search engine optimization firm, Increase Visibility, to ensure that both their site and their clients‘ products receive as much exposure and traffic as possible. They are also in talks with several marketing firms and portals to enhance their platform and customers‘ auction visibility.

“We understand that strategic partnerships, from marketing to search to other auction sites, are vital for our growth and for the overall exposure that we can give to our clients. To this end, we are committed to finding the best partners and continuously improving both our technology and our reach,” said Kirsch.

Virtual Auction is based in Miami, Florida. They have provided their web-based technology across multiple industries and businesses, nationally and internationally. Their easy-to-use, online platform offers a turnkey setup that can be inserted into any website within minutes with low support requirements. Integration is simple and brand specific. Each company is provided with a home page and URL, which they can customize to align with company fonts, logos, and styles. For more information, visit the Virtual Auction site at


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