(Free Press Release) Inventory transformation project will enable Virgin Media to enhance customer experience through improved order and fault handling and better data capacity planning

Amdocs (NYSE: DOX), the leading provider of customer experience systems, today announced that Virgin Media, the UK‘s leading digital entertainment provider, has selected Amdocs to evolve its network inventory management systems. Amdocs will be responsible for the project‘s overall system integration, end-to-end implementation, and program management. The Amdocs OSS inventory solution, delivered with Amdocs‘ consulting and implementation services, will enable Virgin Media to improve network design, planning and assurance, giving increased customer service levels.
Using the Amdocs CES inventory management products and by re-engineering several key business processes such as data reconciliation, Virgin Media will be able to centralize and integrate logical network assets (such as VPNs) and physical assets (such as switches and ports) in its inventory management systems to provide accurate, real-time inventory data in a single location. In addition, the new system, that includes network capacity management, will provide detailed capacity reporting. As a result, Virgin Media will be able to further improve customer order processing, fault management, change control auditing, and more efficiently choose and plan the right uplifts in overall capacity.
“As a result of this project, Amdocs will help us to avoid congestion, reduce order fallout and shorten outages, providing our customers with a better quality of service at a competitive price,” said Paul Buttery, Virgin Media‘s chief customer, technology and networks officer. “We will also be able to achieve cost savings by obtaining a clearer picture of our other licensed operator (OLO) purchasing patterns.”
“With the data capacity crunch affecting networks worldwide, Virgin Media has taken an important step to improve its ability to provide effective planning and resourcing to give their customers a differentiated customer experience,” said Rebecca Prudhomme, Amdocs vice president for product and solutions marketing. “With the new system, they will deliver the right experience for their customers with improved sales, provisioning and assurance.”
Virgin Media was the UK‘s first quad-play provider of broadband, TV, phone and mobile, and is the UK‘s only telecom provider with a nationwide, fiber-optic, next generation network.