United States of America, 31th May 2014: Bags are one of the most common and popular accessories which women love to carry. Most of the women have their own collection of bags of different sizes which are meant to be carried to different places and serve different needs. For instance the small bags which are expensive and handy works well for parties and other special events. On the contrary the big bags are mostly used for travelling and carrying all the required elements required on a daily basis. Women usually buy these bags from big brands available from their retail stores. However, on most occasions branded bags are quite expensive. To facilitate this need of customers and offer branded products at affordable prices, Vip2order has come up with its online store.

The store has been uniquely designed which comes with minimal options which helps in offering a clean interface to the visitors. With a clean interface and products classified in different categories as per their brands visitors can easily browse through the products they have been searching for. They would be delighted to know that the prices on the store for all the branded products are discounted to make them available to every women. For all the latest classic bags in 2014 the store has an exclusive collection from the popular brands in the bags industry.

In order to make a purchase on the website customers need to create an account. Once their accounts have been created, they have to login with their credentials and browse through the entire store. They could browse the designs as per different brands and select the ones they prefer. Once the shopping gets completed they need to move to the checkout option and make the payments. After the payments are processed the company makes arrangements to deliver the products directly to the customer’s doorsteps. There are different payment options which customers can choose based on their preferences. The company ships their products to different parts of the world. Also, the company supports payments in 5 different currencies.

In case customers have any grievances or queries, they can check out the FAQ section on the website. It lists down all the answers to common questions which a customer might have. However, if there are questions which customers may want answers to, they can get in touch with them through the contact options on their website. The site surely serves as a discount LV handbags outlet and offers different kinds of products such as the new hermes bags 2014.

About Vip2Order:


Vip2Order is an online store which sells a large variety of handbags manufactured by some of the popular brands. Besides making these products available for affordable costs, the store presents discount offers of as much as 80% discounts from time to time.