My Heart To God Vol. 2: The immeasurable wonders of prayers.

Virginia, USA:  Vincent Kpodo, one of the most sought after Prophet in recent times has churned out a new musical album titled ‘My heart to God Vol. 2’. A spiritual song that promotes the usefulness of prayer in our everyday life promises to hold everyone spell bound from start to finish of the song. This album can be preordered from the website Http://

Kpodo’s heartwarming song takes each and every listener on an adventure of a prayerful life. By listening to this beautiful rendition an unprecedented view of the love of God in our lives will be formed in the mind. Irrespective of family belief and the society’s norm and values, joy and happiness for encountering Jesus through music will definitely fill your heart. The Prophet cum gospel musician surely is a master at conveying the feeling that exists when you are steadfast in praying.

Vincent Kpodo’s album ‘My heart to God Vol 2’significantly tries to educate everyone about God’s love for mankind. The prophet who also ministers has also impacted immensely in the lives of so many. From healing life threatening ailments, individuals securing a job after a very long search, protection from evil…Just name it! Vincent Kpodo prayers to God have produced consistent results.

Encomiums have kept pouring in of the efficacy of the Prophet’s prayers. In the words of a very excited woman Zahra B ‘I want to thank God for blessing me with a full time job. I was frustrated at my previous job and wanted to move on to something better. I have a degree plus working experience but nothing seems to be working out. Prophet Vincent prayed with me then said "you are going to receive a new job" I received. Last week Thursday I applied for a position advertised. In a few minutes the company replied asking if I would come in for an interview on Friday or Monday. On Monday I went for the interview and got favor with the HR manage and controller. I was asked to come in for a second interview with the owner of the company on Tuesday. Before meeting with the owner on Tuesday, i sat in the park praying the open door prayers along with prophet on periscope. Then I went to meet with the owner of the company. I was interviewed for less than 5 minutes, and then officially hired.

Vincent K. K Kpodo, born in Accra, Ghana but presently lives in Virginia, USA has a talent of communicating with God through prayers. He already has an album that has been a source of joy to many and has enjoyed consistent airplay on the radios titled ‘My heart to God Vol 1’. To ensure everyone irrespective of one’s residence can gain access to this inspiring new album free shipping nationwide has been offered.
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