Peoria, Arizona, July 30, 2009 -- The Viking Bond Service Company ( uses state-of-the-art computer technology to track and process surety bonds. Because the file system is paperless, the company is able to approve and process bonds in a shorter amount of time.

Viking is also equipped to write bonds that other organizations are not able to fulfill, handling all types of surety bond nationwide. Bonding is provided for clients either through their insurance agent or directly.

In addition, clients with bad credit receive the same level of service and friendly response provided to all surety bond clients. Viking provides quotes in almost all situations, and is set up to process bids, payments, and performance bond requirements through their Contract Surety Department.

It's common for business owners and others to obtain bonds for licenses, permits, courts, and state entities. Licensed nationwide to write surety bonds, Viking provides bonds for large and small clients. Each request is processed is a short amount of time, often the same day the request is received.

The company also has extensive experience writing performance surety bonds, with access to the majority of all contract surety bond markets in the United States.

Viking has a team dedicated to working on contract and performance bonds, including bid bonds, performance and payment bonds, subdivision bonds, maintenance bonds, warranty bonds, and reclamation bonds. They offer fast and simple programs for smaller contract bonds as well.

License bonds are another product handled by the company. As many different businesses need license bonds to fulfill state requirements, Viking handles all types of license bonds for a wide range of business classes.

As these licenses need to be maintained on an annual basis, the company is able to write and maintain license bonds nationwide for clients of all sizes. All licenses are processed quickly and efficiently.

As vehicle dealers must post a bond to coincide with their license in most states, Viking Bond Service also handles auto dealer bonds for a wide variety of clients. The company is licensed nationwide to write dealer bonds for start-up dealers and established dealers in need of a new bond service. Requests for dealer bonds undergo fast processing, many of which can be approved only on credit, or with a small amount of information.

For additional information on surety bonds, contact Viking Bond Service at 1-888-2-SURETY or visit

About Viking Bond Service: Viking Bond Service is a surety bond agency that operates from coast to coast, and processes all types and amounts of surety, performance, and fidelity bonds. The company has over a century of combined experience in the surety bonds industry, offering performance surety bonds through all major surety companies using A Rated and Treasury Listed paper. Almost all bond requests are approved, as clients with credit problems are offered several options. Viking provides clients with friendly, fast, and efficient service.

Mike J. Herranen, President
Viking Bond Service, Inc.
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