New York, 10 April, 2013 – This week announced the release of ViewTrakr ; a complete training and communication system that can be branded with any user’s business name, messages, and videos.

A wide range of users are signing up to use ViewTrakr as their online home base for operations ranging from traditional businesses to gospel singers to a fund raiser for a cancer victim. “ViewTrakr is the perfect platform for anyone who needs to gather and instruct a large group of people using text and video,” said Luigi Quest, founder of

New members can re-brand ViewTrakr with their own name and images along with their own videos. This gives members a very low cost entry into technology that previously cost thousands in programming and design fees.

“People are telling me this is a no-brainer. You get the same capabilities the Guru’s and large corporations have enjoyed, now available to everyone on the Web,” Quest said.

ViewTrakr was originally intended for use by home-based business opportunities. Founders could interest prospects with sales copy and videos, then train new members with additional videos. But since it’s introduction, ViewTrakr’s popularity has grown with a wide range of professionals and industries.

“This is an unbeatable way to interact with your network and get the word out. This is the kind of technological empowerment people need in today’s world where Facebook and Twitter are the most popular media,” Quest said.

Businesses and individuals are using ViewTrakr in conjunction with social media accounts to energize their friends and followers, announce new products, and keep customers coming back.

Additionally, ViewTrakr includes an income opportunity where users get paid to watch videos. It’s free to become a member, then users can upgrade to a paid membership for expanded features needed by business and more complex individual projects.

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