When “Harlem Shake” was released last May by New York producer Baauer, few had foreseen the impact it would have. Today, it is a dance phenomenon. Buyers are using the song to make 30-second videos and upload them to YouTube and sites such as FilesClip, where a “Live Harlem Shake” feed provides access to the latest uploaded videos covering this latest dance craze.

Thousands of videos have been uploaded. The “Harlem Shake” is a frenetic dance thumper with synthesizers and roaring sound effects. Sales have skyrocketed, and video parodies usually feature one person dancing alone, in a helmet or mask, for a few seconds before they are joined by more dancers once the beat drops. Dancers are usually dressed in costumes and flail around rather than dance.

While an early version is believed to have been on YouTube since 2006, a modern take was uploaded in August 2012. The videos are not bound by rules and many different versions of the “Harlem Shake” have been created.

With the dance appearing in videos everywhere, FilesClip has created the best source devoted to anyone wanting upload their video, be entertained and amused, or get ideas for their own parody. The dance craze has gone so far as a White House petition for a video featuring the President, which was later removed.

People can upload their videos, with no pressure to be able to dance or put in a lot of time. Most videos are 30 seconds or less. The original video features four people in costumes but underwater, office, Matt and Kim, firefighter, and military versions have surfaced.

With FilesClip, anyone can now upload their versions and get noticed in the new world of the “Harlem Shake”.

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