Equipping White Label Partners with the tools and programs necessary to capture and nurture solar leads in this competitive solar market while enhancing their ability to better serve their customer base and grow.

San Diego, CA -- Very Sunny Day takes pride in being the first solar lead provider to take a proactive stance to partner up with solar companies to help expand solar across the Nation. http://www.verysunnyday.com

White labeling solar call centers with Very Sunny Day means you will have access to your very own solar appointment setters, solar telemarketers, inside sales teams and lead generators. Higher conversions on leads from having one branded voice during the prospecting phase. A Lower CPA (cost to acquire a sale) will occur by “branding” the solar client initially in the sales process. Very Sunny Day will also provide the solar data to help create the leads within their call centers which is a major obstacle for most solar ventures.

Solar Companies get to control the message to solar prospects in the beginning of the lead generating process. The company closest to the originating lead source wins in the highly competitive world of solar lead generation. By partnering up and white labeling solar centers, solar organizations will be able to take control of the origination of their own solar leads by using plug and play contact centers located domestically throughout the United States.

* Appointment scheduling
* Lead generation
* Confirmation and Qualification Specialist
* Multilingual support

This will take out the headaches of hiring people, paying lease space, setting up the infrastructure, securing data, and training telemarketing/sales agents. The biggest time and money drain on your company is buying leads from 3rd party lead brokers.

Private Label Partners receive a host of benefits including:
Unified Channel Strategy: Dedicated technical sales advisor designed to help your company grow.

Program Flexibility: Distinct programs to support your experience and industry focus.

Comprehensive Product Suite: including virtual servers, virtual desktop, IP phone systems/unified communications, and hosted call centers.

Unique Financial Benefits: Take advantage of our vendor relationships to improve margins and lower CPA

Very Sunny Day owns and operates a dozen of call centers dedicated to solar that are being “white labeled” to act as an extension to your solar company.

If you are either looking for a contact center to take warm transfers, set solar appointments, call through raw and aged solar data produced or even take customer calls.If you have it in your business model to expand, It may be a good idea to discuss.

Solar Lead Generation Programs.
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Solar Direct Sales Programs.
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Education is the barrier to home solar adoption nationwide.The biggest barrier to solar adoption as the education that is needed to make the right decision for each homeowner. For more information, please visit http://www.verysunnyday.com

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