QR Code or the Quick Response Code is kind of barcode that many smartphone users already know about. These codes are two dimensional codes can hold huge amount of data such as the web address or a link to an entire file in black and white. The QR Codes are now being used by general population or mobile users for the purpose of storing URLs and businesses for the purpose of placing advertisements. The Free QR Code Generator helps users create many such codes not just in black and white but different colors. These codes come with alphanumeric data and can hold any information such as URLs, Email Addresses, Emergency Phone Numbers, Birthdays, Anniversaries or any Specific Numbers.

It is very simple to use this tool and anyone with or without prior knowledge of using a QR code generator can use this tool with ease and without help. The interface is also very simple. All that the users have to do is to type the text, number or any other data and the code is generated. Many users actually imprint these codes on their t-shirts and various other accessories either for fun or for gifting or for any other reason. Users can also see the process of code generation on one part of the screen. Users can also customize the pixel size or the level of transparency along with the error correction level. The code can be saved in different formats such as JPG, PNG and various other formats.

About Free QR Code Generator

The Free QR Code Generator is a tool that allows users to generate QR codes. The tool is compatible with any Windows OS and it just takes a few minutes to download and install this tool.

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