09, December 2015: The subject of vertical jumping is something that has always occupied athletes. People who can jump high usually have a tendency to do better in sports and their success rate is generally better. One of the classicexampleswhere we see the importance of jumping highis basketball players. Achieving a high vertical jump is considered as the ‘holy grail’ of basketball and one of the top abilities a player could have on the court.

Vert Shock

However, achieving a high vertical jump is a very difficult task, there are many factors that lead to increasing an athlete’s vertical leap and overlooking just one of them could result in a failure.

Even at this age of knowledge and internet which are filled with guides and literature on how to jump higher, the majority of people who embark on this missionend up with minimum results. Only elite athletes, who were fortunate enoughfrom a young age to have professional coaching and personal training,get the chance to reach this goal,the rest of the people usually fail after a few months and eventually give up the idea of jumping high.

However, a recent development in the world of basketball is about to change the situation and give even low/middle class athletes the chance to increase their vertical leap.This opportunity comes in the form of a new training program called Vert Shock.

Vert Shock is a new innovative digital program that guaranteesathletes results.The program doesnot require one to be tall in order to use it and reports show that even people as low as 5’7” have had success with it. Vert Shock's focus is not on genetic capabilities but rather on proper muscle training and advanced workouts that have the potential to make anyone jump higher.

The program guarantees to increase anywhere between nine to fifteen inches in as little as eight weeks and already it has built itself a reputation as one of the best vertical jump programs ever built.

The developers of this program, Pro basketball player Adam Folker and Justin Darlington (the world's highest dunker), are two very distinct characters who have accumulated lots of knowledge on vertical leap training and have decided to collaborate in the creation of Vert Shock.

“Vert Shock is built on scientific and researched data that up until now was reserved only to the elite. We decided to release this knowledge to the public so that anyone, whether he’s an amateur or a Pro, could take advantage of these principles and increase his vertical jump to new heights.”

Vert Shock is a proven step-by-step program that doesn't use gimmicks, strength shoes, scamming ebooks, or narrow online programs to make promises it can't keep. The program's three phase approach focuses on shocking the nervous system to unlock the muscle’s ability to explode and generate more force when jumping. Testimonials from athletes all over the world (see example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vluJ3ADkJBA) attest to the difference Vert Shock has made in how they play the game of basketball.

Vert Shock is based on the science of slow-twitch fast-twitch muscle fibers. The slow twitch fibers are small and designed for endurance-based movements, while the fast twitch fibers are larger and designed for strength and power moves.

The program engages the core concepts of plyometric training to shock specific muscle groups and get the most out of the legs. The eight week program is divided into three phases:

The first phase is preparatory and lasts for seven days,it's called the Pre-Shock phase and it prepares the body for what's to come.

The second phase, the Shock phase, is six weeks long and comprises the bulk of the program. This phase is a combination of plyometric and strength training and it shocks the nervous system into jumping high.

The final phase, the Post-Shock phase, is a full week of exercises that teaches the muscles to act upon your command.

Since the release of it, Vert Shock has helped athletes from all over the globe to increase their vertical jump and has changed the reality for short players by being the only program that enabled them to achieve their dream to dunk.

The Jump Manual Blog, a leading vertical leap website, has decided to look into this system and has published a detailed Vert Shock review: http://jumpmanualblog.com/vert-shock-review-results-program/

At this blog, those who are interested can get a preview of the programand dive further into the science behind Vert Shock.

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