Verizon Wireless , the largest provider of cell phone service in the United States, was also recently voted the best service provider for consumers looking for either traditional or government backed service plans. Verizon Wireless is the major player in the US cell phone industry and has been in the business of offering cell phone service since 2000 after the merger of GTE and Bell Atlantic. After its acquisition of Alltel in 2009 Verizon Wireless became the largest cell phone network provider in the country.

What consumers find most appealing about Verizon Wireless is the fact that the company offers the most extensive coverage that can be found anywhere, including its significant international roaming capabilities. For those using the Verizon Wireless plans there is basically nothing they can’t do. Most plans whether they be basic or more generous come with a significant amount of minutes, generous texting plans and significant internet access. Verizon Wireless is also known for its innovative and popular phone styles.

Even though Verizon Wireless is a large corporation, the company does have plans designed for and that appeal to a customer base with modest incomes. Many people struggle to meet basic needs and often go without a cell phone. Luckily the United States government has stepped in to offer assistance to those who cannot afford a traditional cell phone plan. There are many companies that work with the government to offer plans that just about any consumer can afford and Verizon is one of the leaders in this effort.

Those who want to learn more about Verizon Wireless and its various plans and features can visit the Wireless Gov Phone website that features information about Verizon Wireless as well as other plans designed to help anyone gain access to a cell phone for little or no money. This helpful site also lets visitors read reviews of the Verizon Wireless plan and contact an expert for more information —