Ventura County, California; 08, May 2015: Sports stars like Maria Sharapova have turned to it for their shoulder injuries, and now the Ventura County doctors at Regenerative Medicine Specialists are making regenerative techniques like PRP and stem cell therapies available to ordinary patients for their shoulder problems. The treatments are often able to provide relief after a single office visit, without surgery or a long period of physical therapy.

Up until now many people have believed their only options to treat significant shoulder injuries or shoulder pain were opioids, steroid injections, or invasive surgery. However, the doctors at Regenerative Medicine Specialists are now offering what some people consider the best shoulder pain treatment — treatments like stem cell or PRP therapies, which can relieve many common shoulder issues.

Patients with conditions like gleohumeral or AC joint arthritis, rotator cuff problems, biceps tendonitis, bursitis, and many more all frequently respond to these therapies. For patients with shoulder problems, asking about techniques that use cells taken from their own body to regenerate tissue and repair damage may save a great deal of pain and trouble.

Treating Shoulder Joint Arthritis

There are several different kinds of shoulder arthritis that respond to the new techniques, including glenohumeral and AC joint arthritis. Glenohumeral joint osteoarthritis tends to result from ordinary wear and tear; it’s a degenerative condition that increases with age or due to being overweight. It can also be triggered or accelerated by traumatic injuries, as in sports — therefore younger people can also experience premature osteoarthritis.

AC joint osteoarthritis, by comparison, tends to result from falls or even just stretching the arm. People with physically demanding work and athletes may have injuries here; both overuse and injuries can trigger pain or even osteoporosis.

Regardless of the type, shoulder arthritis tends to result in very significant pain. It frequently results in limited mobility, and there may be a noticeable lump. The shoulder may experience bruising and the collarbone might start to protrude.

Unfortunately conventional treatment methods for shoulder arthritis often fail. This leads many patients to feel their only choice is a complete joint replacement. Unfortunately this treatment is best considered as a last resort. It tends to bring unsatisfactory and irreversible results, in addition to prolonged post-operative pain and a long rehabilitation time.

Using regenerative techniques like stem cells or PRP therapy, though, makes it possible for doctors to use the patient’s cells to help repair the tissue that has been damaged. The procedure involves isolating special cells from the patient’s body, concentrating them, and then re-injecting them into the damaged area. Here, the cells go to work, speeding the body’s natural healing processes and bringing in additional regenerative cells and factors to ensure proper tissue regeneration.

This approach avoids many of the risks of more invasive treatment options. Instead, the therapies help solve the problem, instead of simply focusing on the solution.

About Regenerative Medicine Specialists:

Regenerative Medicine Specialists is a Ventura County clinic specializing in regenerative techniques like PRP and stem cell therapy.

It is headed by three doctors all with extensive experience treating patients with shoulder and many other types of complaints using these remarkable new techniques.

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