To make your Navratras hassle free yet maintaining the flavor, Vegit brings Aloo Mash!


This Navratra let your taste buds relish the most flavorsome and mouth-watering traditional Indian food, Aloo Mash. The expediency of having Aloo Mash (potato flakes) in your kitchen lets you sit back through your fasting days and prepare food at your convenience in a very short time.

Fasting drains your energy throughout the day and limits you to preparing and savoring a limited range of food items. To create heartwarming delicious food, Vegit presents you with a way to save your precious time of boiling/peeling/mashing of Potatoes and yet delight your family with the goodness of Aloo Mash.

Vegit brings you the convenience of Aloo Mash (potato flakes) in your kitchen and a range of mouth-watering traditional Indian snacks to create magic moments for your family. Prepare snack mixes as it is or add your own unique twist and create unforgettable snacktime treats.  They let you add your touch to the cooking process, as you can add the required salt according to your taste!  

Aloo Mash from Vegit has appeared as a wonder product especially during Navratras as it is enriched with additional minerals and antioxidants to increase nutritional value and shelf life, hence serves better than fresh potatoes. It has controlled moisture levels which allow you to use for variety of instant dishes from Aloo. It gives the similar nutritional qualities as that of real potatoes with similar amounts of protein, dietary fiber, and vitamins.



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Atul Malikram