Veera, Ranvijay, Ratan and Nihal Visit Golden Temple

STAR Plus’ Veera- Ek Veer ki Ardaas has touched many hearts and made the audiences cry and laugh showing the innocence and unconditional love of Ranvijay and Veera’s relationship on screen. While the life of this family had witnessed various ups and downs, they know how to move on and celebrate moments.

Veera (Harshita Ojha), Ranvijay (Bavesh), Ratan (Sneha Wagh) and Nihal (Kapil Nirmal) visited the home of the SWARN MANDIR, AMRITSAR. The cast went to The Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple to seek blessings as their Ardaas of Ranvijays safe return was heard. After they paid their respect the once again together family also participated in Langar seva and served the visitors who had come to visit the temple.

Later the all re-united family went to a local dhaba where they celebrated Ranvijay's safe return with dance performance and various games. While everyone was enjoying the moment both the brother sister duo had lassi drinking competition followed by various other games. Ranvijay also spoke about his experience how he felt when he was away from his family and also the challenges that he faced when he was alone for few days.

 “I am happy that I am home and with my Family. My Beeji, Veera and Nihal Chachu did so much for my safe return. I am very happy that we are together again”, said Ranvijay. 

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