Lagos, Nigeria, September 17, 2013 The economy and the market conditions in Africa is heading towards a challenging time. The World Bank made a forecast of a feeble 2.5% GDP growth for the region for the year 2013. From big corporations to small businesses, all are endeavoring to achieve a sustainable growth figure, overcoming all challenges that they are facing in the region. In such a situation, VConnect introduces its new and improved business directory services, bringing a new ray of hope for all businesses that want to swim against the tide and achieve their respective goals. 

VConnect has been providing Local Business Listing services to the African companies for past several years. This is the reason why they are aware of the challenges and difficulties that companies may face while trying to run or expand their business in the region. “With time, new challenges emerge, but new opportunities also exist at the same time. Definitely what a business needs is strategies. At VConnect, we have developed a cutting-edge strategic plan that can help a business to connect with their targeted customers. We are not just a directory but we serve as a partner to their success,” maintains the CEO of VConnect. 

The new VConnect listing services with the added features of SEO and online optimization are creating a new buzz in the business community of the region. The business listings on VConnect directory also update the listings on hundreds of other sites such as Google and Yahoo, ensuring improved and fast online presences and offering an instant accessibility. Besides, the directory boasts of a systemized categorization of business listings that ensure a fast business search to the customers. An attempt has also been made to make the listings more descriptive and comprehensive, so that a customer would get all relevant information before hand. “This is particularly important for customers’ convenience. Unless they are convinced that this is the company they want to do business with, they need not to make calls or contact the company,” reveals a Nigerian business owner and the client of VConnect. 

The CEO of VConnect maintains that Nigerian businesses are facing tough challenges these days. The Nigerian economy is hit hard due to a slowdown in the crude oil production. Besides, there are some serious problems like income inequality, corruption and insecurity. However, the GDP growth prospect of 6.6% is an enticing factor for companies to grow their business in Nigeria. Besides Nigeria, the West Africa is another economically strong region that attracts attention of the companies based in Africa. 

As per the statistics, over 70% customers in Nigeria and Africa search online for doing business. This figure will cross 90% by the end of 2014. And this indicates how prosperous the idea could be for a business to maintain an online presence, in which VConnect has been playing a key role. “We carry out Keyword analysis and our Search analytics help to understand what a customer is looking for. And then we provide them with the precise business results, with optimized chances of business transactions”, states an internet marketing expert working with VConnect. 

The listing services of VConnect thus envision a real platform that can connect customers and businesses. It also improves shopper’s experiences by providing them with accurate information about a business and bringing them the precise business results they might be looking for. At the same time, businesses can be rest assured of getting targeted leads in a more sustainable manner. A business can learn more about their listing services by visiting their website . 

About VConnect: 

VConnect offers online business listing services to all businesses based in Nigeria and Africa. Their business directory can be accessed online using any fixed line or mobile platforms. The directory ensures improved online visibility to a business and connects it with their targeted customers. By using the latest technology and search analytics, VConnect keeps bringing new business leads in a sustainable manner. 

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