An optical amplifier represents a device that is used in order to amplify an optical signal using a direct technique and without needing it to be first converted to an electrical signal. With this in mind, optical amplifiers have played their part in revolutionizing the world of optical transmissions, thus making them become a lot faster, but also easier to manage. As a device, they are usually most important in laser physics, but also optical communication which continues to play an important role in our everyday lives.

The Erbium-Doper Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) was created by VCE Cable Industry and is one of the best amplifiers of its kind. With extensive technological solutions incorporated inside, it offers certain benefits when compared with other types of EDFAs. Its actual input and output depend on the type that is purchased, but it starts from a low scale and ranger to a higher one. The Optical Return Loss is quite small, while its noise ratio is just about inexistent, making it a great device to have if you’re into optic communication and/or laser physics.

Another interesting product which has been created by VCE Cable Industry is the 1550 optical transmitter. By being in the top of the scale of optical transmitters, this particular model is sure to provide users with some of the best transmitting power, while having a good output as well. The maximum distance that the laser can travel using this device is of 20km.

Having a transmitter and an amplifier may also require users to have a receiver. With this in mind, the company also designed and created the optical node receiver which has a very small return loss together with 1-2 outputs, and a wavelength of 1290-1600. The benefits that it offers over other receivers of its kind are quite high, as this product is stable and willing to operate in just about any conditions optimized for receiving optical signals.

About VCE Cable Industry

It represents one of the world’s best producers of technical electronics including optical transmitters, receivers and amplifiers. Together with this, the company’s products are always of the highest quality possible and don’t lack any important feature.

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