China - The new set of LED light has many benefits over HPS lights, such as reduced energy use, longer life expectancy, enhanced quality of light for both pedestrians and drivers, and better performance in cold climate and nights. The LED high bay light, China replaces inefficient and conventional lamps; this illustrates VCE-Electronics’ commitment and dedication to being a leader in energy efficient roadway lighting program. With new LED system, it’s now possible to reduce the maintenance fee and energy consumption; moreover, this system needs no-warm up period, eliminating the use of mercury and bulb disposal, generating extensively less heat over traditional lighting technologies.

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The firm has been designing many products, such as outdoor LED lights, LED indoor recessed lighting, and Smart Lighting LED Systems. By getting on a project to replace traditional streetlights with LED systems, company is helping government to minimize maintenance expenses and energy consumption.

Talking about the new products, one of the company spokespersons said that the main intension is to get sustainability and energy efficiency and it is looking forward to reap as many as advantages that this power smart LED lighting will offer.

The new generation system is created to work with existing LED system without compromising efficiency or power quality, making sure that government and users can benefit from both ambience lighting controls and energy savings.

Company plans to launch several new electronic goods with LED technology for the use in industrial, commercial, and residential lighting systems.

About the Company leading provider of advanced lighting systems for outdoor use, office, gymnasium, and factor, including garden lighting and street lighting. Global leader in LED lighting systems, VEC Electronics offers energy efficient and environmentally friendlysolutions over traditional and conventional form of lighting systems.

Company is committed to exploringnewtechnologies and making the people surrounding feel better with it’s innovative, award-winning LED lighting fixtures and lamps.

Known for offering optimal performance, high-end driven, stable, and reliable products, VCE has invested several years in designing perfect power smart lighting system.

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